Girls night and review time

I am really loving this warmer weather. I’ll be griping because it’s too hot within a couple of weeks, but for right now, it’s absolutely perfect for getting in runs and getting a little golden glow at the same time. I’m also loving the fact that summer means more flexibility in our family schedule and the schedules of friends as well. LittleMan had his first ever away from home, not with family, sleepover. He had a great time and now wants to invite some people over.

The next night, I went with friends to dinner and a movie. GIRLS’ NIGHT!!! We saw Bridesmaids and it was hilarious. Fair warning-it’s raunchy-but hilarious. I laughed until tears were rolling. Great for a group of girls just wanting to go have FUN!

We also went to eat at a chain restaurant, Chili’s. I am usually fairly happy with the food quality and service, but I had a bad experience. Please leave comments and let me know if I’m overreacting though. PLEASE!! The service was rather slow, but I’m okay with that. Even though we were running late because of it, I was still okay. They didn’t refill our drinks at all, but honestly, we were so happy to be out of the house that we didn’t complain at all. However, I ordered chips and dip for the table, and then I ordered a black bean burger on wheat with broccoli.

By the time our food came out, we had 20 minutes to eat and have our behinds in a movie seat. I noticed that instead of broccoli, I had fries. The guy put out the food and ran off before I could comment, and being pressed for time, I decided to let it go. Then I bit into the burger and it was beef. I quit eating and it was about 5 minutes before a server came to check on us. I told him that my food wasn’t right at all (except the wheat bun) and he offered to get me the correct meal. I told him that we were already late for a movie and I didn’t have time, I just wouldn’t eat the food. When our ticket came, he told the whole table that since there was a food mix-up, the chips and dip were on the house. I was charged for the meal!!!!!! I was so upset and emailed Chili’s yesterday. Am I out of line for complaining???

Anyway, on to a few other things. If you are renting movies this weekend, consider Redbox. (this is truly my own recommendation…unsolicited by the company) I am loving reserving them online and then running by the Circle K and picking them up. And for $1 per night, I’m not upset if the movie sucks! If you sign up with an online account and reserve online, they send you free rentals. I’m just really loving this service! Click here if you want to look at locations, what they have to offer, etc and if you sign up for an account, I *think* you get a free rental right away for confirming your account if you use the link.

And finally, a few book reviews! I have been reading like crazy after getting my Kindle. Here are my latest reads:
• ‘>Water for Elephants: GREAT book! I was mesmerized and couldn’t put it down! Great story, great ending….I can’t say anything negative at all!!!!
• ‘>The Help: This was great too. I don’t think it *quite* lived up to the extreme hype, but I can’t wait to see the movie. I also had trouble putting this one down too!
• ‘>Mini-Shopaholic: If you like Shopaholic books, you’ll like this one. Not my favorite in the series, but reading it was like snuggling into a familiar chair with a blanket….Comfy and enjoyable.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Buy some mini flags, take the kids to the local cemetery and place flags on veterans’ graves. It’s a great lesson for the kids and celebrates the reason for the “off day” from work.

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